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Offering HTML5 and CSS3 website templates and mobile upgrade applications for any website development project. Our web templates are like no other. All designs are complete websites that include multiple pre-formatted pages. The setup is so easy we developed this homepage using a responsive Minisite Basic in under one hour including writing this page copy, creating a logo, adding a page counter, and adding the images and links as well as some SEO work. (Actual time was 47 minutes, not including creating the images.)
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mobi-Hybrid® websites are responsive for mobile and all devices as well as tablet, PC and Mac desktop and laptop computers and pass the Google Mobile Fiendly Test. Designs include CSS3 Media Queries code in a global editable file. This allows for quick website updates when changing colors, fonts and other layout elements. If you are looking to upgrade your website for higher mobile compliance, then a mobi-Hybrid® design may be your answer.

Upgrade Your Old Website

Have an old website that you are looking to upgrade for mobile compliance so it can pass the Google Friendly and Pagespeed Insights tests? We have created a support page that outlines all the options available to help you update your current site and get it up to speed with the most current web standards. See How to Make Your Website Mobile Friendly.

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Responsive Mega Menus

HTML responsive drop down menu web templates. Menus include images, link lists, text blurbs and HTML formatting. Mega menus are plain text HTML for easy editing. Available in Business Mega Menu and Store Mega Menu versions. Includes FAQ section, Paypal shopping cart, HTML forms, dynamic jQuery slideshows and more. Compliant for desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphones using responsive Media Queries css code.

Business Responsive Mega Menu Web Templates